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The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club is a non-profit making organization run by fans (in their spare time) for fans of Red Dwarf. It is supported by the show creators Grant Naylor Productions and Taken For Granted.

The club was set-up in 1990, with an anticipated membership of about 200. By 1992, after the club's address appeared in many magazines such as the late and much missed Smegazine, membership had exceeded 1000.

1992 also saw the very first Official Red Dwarf Fan Club convention - Dimension Jump '92 whose first guests included; Rob Grant, Doug Naylor and Hattie Hayridge. By DJ'97 the whole cast was in attendance at a convention included Chris Barrie in his worldwide convention debut. While DJ'92 saw 100 attendees, DJ'97 attracted almost 500 people making it the most successful Red Dwarf convention ever.

The American Red Dwarf Fan Club is dedicated to promoting Red Dwarf in the States.  Since 1990, The American Club has attended convention and hosted cast members throughout the years.

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